December Crafty Nectar Cider Box

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We have a delicious selection of artisan ciders are already lined up for our 2nd box this December, with the likes of these UK small producers:

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Dorset Nectar

Dorset Nectar is an award winning artisan Ciders fermented from sun ripened whole crushed cider apples, pressed at the orchard’s cider barn near Bridport Dorset, then patiently nurtured to create a smooth, delicious cider that is fruity in taste and bursting with flavour.
The Ciders:

Old Harrys Rocks – Never has a cider with more maturity and character been exposed to the public taste buds.Winner of the Champion British Organic Cider @ Bath and West World Cider championships it has a clean apple crispness and strong depth of flavour.

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Wild Cat Cider – 5.5% lightly sparkling, medium-sweet, Organic.
Wildcat is a Cider that evokes the magic and legend of the Dorset cider scene with a lingering appley aftertaste. (Warning, May purrrr for more afterwards)

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Apple County Cider

Apple County Cider Co is the creation of the award winning cider producer Ben Culpin and his wife Steph. Ben has been producing cider for over six years during which time he has won numerous awards namely the prestigious Great Taste 2015 Golden Fork for best speciality product from Wales; Gold, Silver and Bronze in the 2015 International Cider Challenge

The Ciders: 

Vilberie Medium Dry – Full of the robust fruity taste of Vilberie bittersweet apples with a refreshing crisp dry finish. This single variety cider is lightly sparkling and made with 100% apple juice. Great Taste 2015 3*, Top 50 Foods, Golden Fork

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Dabnett Medium – Bursting with flavour from Dabinett bittersweet apples. This single variety cider is lightly sparkling, and made with 100% apple juice. The taste is delicately fruity, with a hint of spice and long clean finish. Great Taste 2015 2*.

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Dunkertons make premium award winning organic cider and perry at our Cider Mill in Herefordshire. Their success is down to our unique blending method using traditional varieties of organic cider apples and pears grown in our own orchards.

Each variety of cider apple is picked, pressed and fermented separately, then stored for at least a year before being hand blended. Creating the final product is a meticulous process involving immense skill. Some cider blends may use up to 10 different varieties of apple.

The ciders:

Black Fox – Is a Medium Dry that has a full apple aroma and flavour, long finish. Deep and rich apple flavours (all organic of course)  500ml bottle and 7% alcohol by vol.

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The Premium Organic is a Medium Sweet cider that is Rich and full-bodied. 500ml bottle and 6.8% alcohol by vol.

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Sams Cider

Sam’s Cider have been making proper Devon Cider on site for 100 years. Winkleigh Cider has a rich and interesting past dating back to 1916 when Sam Inch started making cider at Western barn.

The Ciders:

Autumn Scrumpy – has wine like characters and is bright in colour.It is well balanced on the palate and releases a wonderful apple aroma. Autumn Scrumpy is made from specially selected apples that have been sourced from our local growers to make a premium quality Scrumpy.

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Sam’s Cider with Blackcurrant – is made from a combination of our finest Sam’s Cider and blackcurrants, the cider adds balance to the blackcurrants acidity and sweetness which leaves an after taste which is fresh and sharply cleansing to the palate.

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Purbeck Cider Company

The Purbeck Cider Company was born in 2006 when Joe returned to the family farm after travelling around New Zealand with a brilliant idea to make a magnificent farm pressed cider and apple juice whilst continuing to work the land farming his flock of sheep. Joe busily set to work planting an orchard of some traditional cider apple varieties including Dorset’s Woodbine and Slack-ma-girdle.

Using nothing but fresh air, a deep appreciation of good cider and enthusiasm for life Joe collects his apples from September each year to develop the naturally delicious and mouth -watering nectar and presses them ready to use either in his Cider or Juice

The Ciders:

Joe’s Cider This is the very first cider Purbeck ever produced. Giving you the Dry refreshing taste and velvety tones of cider made in the traditional way, best served ice cold, after a hard days work or on one of those longingly wanted hot summer days.

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Dorset Blush – Purbeck’s finest sweet sparkling ciders, with a delicate British berry kick, simply natural the traditional way. 4.0%abv

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Ross on Wye Cider

Broome Farm is the home of the Ross on Wye Cider and Perry Company. Over 70 varieties of cider apples and perry pears growing at the farm enable the creation of individual blends. All our award-winning cider and perry is made from whole fruit juice allowed to ferment with its own natural yeasts.

The Ciders:

Ross on Wye Alpaca Dry Cider – Dry still cider featuring ‘Cyder’, one of Broome Farm’s resident alpacas! A mature nutty/woody type taste all over. This is whilst having a tart/sharpness feel to it and leading to a more dry finish. 5.5%abv

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Alpaca Medium Cider – Appropriately named ‘Blossom’ after one of the Alpacas at the farm, this Medium-Dry still cider is made from a blend of apples selected to give a balance of acidity and tannin sweetened with natural sugar. 5.5%abv

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