Is this the end of Craft Cider in London?

London’s Euston Cider tap is set to close, and London is losing one of its few cider bars. The Cider Tap, situated in one of the old gatehouses outside Euston station, is due to be turned into the Northern Tap, a bar specialising in beers from the north of England.The loss of the Cider Tap will be a blow to weary travellers and lovers of the drink.


This news is a hard hit for craft cider in London, losing its only dedicated cider bar, this could be the end of craft cider in London. Craft cider might already be considered to be lacking in the capital and the loss of this great bar can only negative.

For any cider lover this is a massive blow, reducing the accessibility of real craft cider in London.

However all is not lost for craft cider in the capital, The Stable Pizza and Cider House is set to open in Whitechapel in April.

The Stable is a Cathedral to cider, offering 80 carefully selected varieties of craft cider matched with artisan pizzas and pies. Add the warm, welcoming ambience and expansive branch size, (with their other branches holding between 100-160 covers) it is a combination that is hard to resist, and undoubtedly will attract and accommodate a good size crowd, something that the Euston Cider Tap feel down on, due to its small size.


The stable has proven success its other locations, with food and drink sales fairly balanced across the board; it is a testimony to the great food and amazing selection of cider available. They refuse to compromise on quality, which is perhaps why they have risen in popularity and become leaders in the food and drink industry.

The combination of a mouth-watering menu and a vast selection of cider to choose from is potentially what the capital has needed. Despite our love and admiration for the Cider Tap, their lack of space and little offering of anything other than cider is perhaps the reason for its downfall.

Cider lovers will agree that the Cider Tap will surely be missed, but it potentially lacked appeal to those other than cider connoisseurs, willing to endure the cramped space, a place that was for those truly dedicated to cider.

The Stable however allows craft cider to be introduced to those new to the community, with food available (and drinks other than cider) this maybe the bridge needed to convert cider novices, with a more relaxed, less exclusive environment, reasonable prices and great food.


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