January Cider Subscription Box

Happy New Year! We have a delicious selection of artisan ciders are already lined up for our 3rd box this January, with the likes of these UK small producers:

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Burrow Hill

About: At Burrow Hill, the art of blending different types of fruit is key to the craft of cider making and distilling. This is the responsibility of Tim Stoddart and Julian Temperley who between them have over 50 years experience of making cider.

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Cotswold Cider

About: Cotswold only use the best ‘vintage’ cider apple varieties from our local area to give you the full flavour that real, natural cider provides, so you just know you’re not .

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Copse House

About: Copse House Cider, is bringing this heritage home by reviving over 300 acres of farmland on Kine Bush Farm in Sandley, giving rise to orchards that yield some of the counties’ finest apples and pears. They’re incredibly proud to be opening up the hidden nature of Dorset cider once again, encouraging others to follow.

To symbolise this cider renaissance, their unique key icon invites you to discover the fruits of our labour

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Turners Cider

About: Turners Cider is a family business based in the village of Marden, in the Weald of Kent. We make a range of craft ciders in the ‘Eastern counties’ style: that is, from only dessert and culinary apples.

All our apples are grown in and around the village, in the orchards on the south-facing ridge below the Greensand Way and in the flood basin of the River Beult.

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Lawrence’s Cider

About: The finest Cider in the West. Bringing you the best ciders we can possibly make is very satisfying indeed. As you read through our website you’ll discover how we make cider, and how and where you can get your hands on our products.

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Black Rat medium Cider

About: Black Rat Cider have set out to produce a high quality English cider, made from only freshly pressed apples grown locally in Somerset and then… well, tehy just let the apples do their stuff! The result is a great tasting premium cider with a strong brand image to compliment their award winning Moles Ales.

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