5 Amazing Reasons to Drink Craft Cider


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5 Reasons to Drink Craft Cider

It’s no secret that craft cider is growing in popularity. For some reason it’s now the drink of choice for men and women of all ages, and as craft cider sales are on the upswing, beer sales are slowly dwindling.

At one time, cider was for the futile drinker, and “real” men drank beer. None of that holds true today.

But why is that?

Could it be the health benefits or something else? Let’s take a closer look at the following reasons why some people might be switching to craft cider – and for good reason.

The No Wheat, Gluten-Free Theory

This may not come as a surprise to some folks but since cider is made from apples it is gluten-free. Beer does offer up some gluten-free cider varieties but it’s not as natural as craft cider. Make sure to read the labels to double-check that it truly is gluten-free. If so, drink on!

The Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Theory

What a fun saying and one that is taught to all of us at such a ripe, young age. Although it isn’t scientifically proven that an apple eaten each day will no doubt keep the doctor away, it certainly is a health food that brings many benefits such as having antioxidants. Research indicates that a half-pint of cider contains the same level of antioxidants as a glass of red wine. So drink up – it’s good for you.

The Historical Theory

Sometimes we just have to go back to our roots.When Caesar and his army stormed through England in 55 BCE, they found Celts drinking craft cider. The troops enjoyed the drink so much that they brought it home with them to Italy.

Over the Pond Craft Cider was more prevalent in the 1700s when colonists didn’t have access to clean water, which made it difficult to grow hops for beer making.  Thomas Jefferson had plenty of apple trees that grew on his land which was used for producing apple cider. John Adams was also a big time cider drinker. So maybe this is one good reason we are all switching to cider – the good ol’ USA was built on a diet of craft cider!

You Can Easily do it Yourself Theory

Making cider at home can be easy. Granted, there are some complex ones out on the market, but if you are a cider enthusiast and want to try a hand at making some from home, then it’s quite simple. Recipes can be found just about anywhere and you can easily purchase brewing equipment and glass bottles.

The Unlimited Apple Theory

Okay, so there aren’t an unlimited supply of apples, but choosing from over 7,500 different types of apples might just feel like it. Think of the possibilities. But that’s just apples. Think of the other fruits that can be added like strawberry, pear, and apricot. Then you have the ability to make cider maltier, smokier, dyer, and so forth. You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that there are so many combinations for getting creative.

If you are experiencing trouble breathing, experiencing rashes, or developing a runny nose, it’s quite possible you are experiencing an allergic reaction to hops. Your typical hard cider is made without hops so this is likely not the cause.

The culprit? Beer.

Switch to cider and clear up that drippy nose.


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