Special Edition: Herefordshire Cider Box

Boy are you guys in for a treat this month. We have teamed up with some of the most respected cider makers in Herefordshire to help you discover what makes this county so highly regarded within the cider industry.

Herefordshire is a county steeped in Cider and Perry heritage that sutterley sits just under the radar. It has produced some of the UK’s best cider makers such as Tom Oliver, Arfur Gwatkins and Ivor and Suzie Dunkerton

Inspired by Herefordshire we have decided to put together a limited edition collection of some of its finest Herefordshire cider. Producers such as Ross on Wye, Olivers, Little Pomona and Ty Gwyn cider will all be in the box, setting up what could arguably be one of our best boxes ever.


For more information on the ciders that are in your box, have a read through the tasting notes on the next page.

We are also now offering customers the option to buy more of the cider that’s in your box, from our online cider shop. So if there is one that you love, head over to our shop and order yourself a case.

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Tasting Notes: Herefordshire Cider Box

1. This Month’s TOP PICK – Little Pomona- Feat of Clay 7.2%
Feat of Clay 2015 is a still, bone dry and tangy cider. Built around its acid structure rather than its tannins, there are plenty of yellow and green apples, nectarine and citrus fruit flavours. The tannins are ripe, silky and reminiscent of black tea. It’s serious, fresh and very wine-like, best served nice and cold.


2. Olivers Cider – Making Hay 6% ABV
This is a bittersweet cider with some added sweetness and higher balancing acidity. Drunk cold it is a refreshing cider with all the body you would expect from a traditional cider.

3. Ross on Wye Cider – Suzie Wong 5% ABV
This cider is flat and golden and would be best described as a gentle, soft cider. It has a mild apple fruitiness with a hint of tannins but it’s not hugely challenging on flavours so perfect if you like something a little milder.

4. Gwatkins – Golden Valley Cider 6% ABV
Don’t judge this cider by its label, Golden Valley is a cider packed with character and complexity. The taste is deep and fruity with sour undertones, it’s light-bodied, dry-ish and bittersharp. It is certainly one to put hairs on your chest so make sure you drink it nice and chilled so you don’t end up like Chewbacca.

5. Ty Gwyn – Medium Dry – 5.8% ABV
A sensational single-variety cider made using Yarlington Mill apples. It’s delightfully dry and tangy (just how a traditional cider should be). It’s also winner of a Bronze award at the 2016 International Cider Challenge.

6. Orgasmic Cider – Traditional Cider Blend 6%ABV
A natural still cloudy cider made with a blend of apples such a Yarlington Mill, Brownsnout and white Jersey. These guys used to sell all their apples to Bulmers now the are keeping some back to make their own and they are doing a fine job.


7. Olivers Cider – Shazam 6% ABV
This medium dry cider has got a rich, smooth and juicy taste with a touch of woodiness about it. If you give it a sniff you will get animal tones alongside a hint of apple blossom. Shazam by name and Shazam by nature.

8. Ross on Wye Cider – Alpaca Blossom 6% ABV
This cider has a bright golden colour with a heavy aroma of fresh ripe apples. The taste is juicy and sweet with a sharpness that leads you into a dry finish. It’s very drinkable and has a good body. An excellent Herefordshire cider!

9. Ty Gwyn – Medium Sweet 6% ABV
Ty Gwyn have used Browns apples to craft this light and refreshing number. With elderflower notes, it’s little like an apple version of Prosecco and was a huge hit with everyone in the office. If you are after a slightly more delicate, instantly quaffable cider they this little number is for you.

10. Gwatkins – Golden Valley Perry 6%ABV
This Perry is still, lightly golden in colour with an unsurprising strong aroma of pears. To taste it’s almost wine like with a tangy and woody finish. Being a perry it’s also more acidic than your average cider and is low on the tannins. Make sure you drink it super chilled.

11. Orgasmic Cider – White Jersey 6% ABV
A natural still cloudy cider made from a single variety of apple, in this case white jersey. One for those with a sweet tooth.

12. Ty Gwyn Cider – Medium Cider 6.5% ABV
It’s strong. It’s full bodied. It’s the drink that every Dabinett apple wants to become – especially since it bagged a Great Taste 2-gold-star award! (And where many ciders are lucky to mature for 6 months, this is aged for a year.)

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