Tasting Notes: March Cider Box


It’s close we can feel it…..can you? Cider drinking weather is nearly upon us.

I don’t know about you lot but the Crafty Nectar team has been staring at the window for too long now waiting for a glimmer of sunshine to allow us to get the bbq out. But with the Met Office predicting a warmer than average Spring I don’t think we will be waiting much longer. Hooray!!!!

This month’s box has got some delightfully fine ciders, we have set up products from Somerset, Caerphilly and  Devon and every bottle has got a unique tasting story that you will love.

For more information on the ciders that are in your box, have a read through the tasting notes on the next page.

We are also now offering customers the option to buy more of the cider that’s in your box, from our online shop. So if there is one that you love, head over to our cider shop and order yourself a case.

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  1. This Month’s TOP PICK – Hogans French Revelation – Medium  4.8%

This Breton style cider is smooth, velvety and oh so richly flavoursome. After the big tannic punch, it delivers a natural apple sweetness only years of craft could perfect. A wild, fruity and mature cider with a naturally rich bronze colour that is a fine addition to our cider box.


  1. Crossmans Cider – Medium Dry 5.5% ABV

An award winning traditional cider made with bitter sweet apples such as Michelin, Fredericks, Stoke Red, Yarlington Mill and Dabinetts. Crossmans take the art of blending to a new level and this cider is some of Somersets finest that’s for sure.


  1. Mill Whites – Angry Goose Perry 4.5% ABV  

Oh boy when you find a drink like this you never want your glass to be empty. This Perry is bang on the money, it smooth, subtle and refreshing, make sure you serve it nice and chilled though.


  1. Hallets – Real Cider 6% ABV

Made from aged Dabinett cider and blended with the current year’s new cider to make a drink to enjoy with your favourite artisan cheese or just relax and savour on its own.


  1. Apple County Cider – Vilberie Medium Dry –  6% ABV

Full of the robust fruity taste of Vilberie bittersweet apples with a refreshing crisp dry finish. This single variety cider is lightly sparkling and made with 100% apple juice.




  1. Sams Cider – Pound House Crisp 4.5%ABV

Slightly sparkling, Sam’s Poundhouse Crisp is a medium cider. It’s clean, crisp and refreshing, a real thirst quencher.


  1. Mill Whites – Rum Cask Cider 7.5% ABV

Made from West Country cider apples and aged in barrels from The Jamaican Rum Company. An award winning medium tipple which is full of fruit flavour with a subtle rum finish.


  1. Apple County Cider – Dabinett Medium 6.5% ABV

Bursting with flavour from Dabinett bittersweet apples. This single variety cider is lightly sparkling, and made with 100% apple juice. The taste is delicately fruity, with a hint of spice and long clean finish.


  1. Sam Cider – Pound House Dry 6% ABV  

A refreshing, clean and crisp smooth dry cider.


  1. Hallets – Real Perry  4.5%ABV

This reserve Perry is made with Perry pears picked from a single orchard in the rolling countryside near Monmouth; a rare treat for the discerning lovers of this delicate drink.


  1. Mill Whites – Original Scrumpy  6.5% ABV

Traditional golden cider made from 100% pressed juice from Somerset cider apples. Packed with flavour yet refreshingly simple it’s a proper cider.


  1. Apple County Cider – Yarlington Mill  6% ABV

Another cider from Apple County that’s spot on. It’s a lovely medium sweet cider with a light finish that’s perfectly quaffable!


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